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Augmented reality company Meta combines real world technology with holographic images in their Meta 2 smart glasses—similar to the HoloLens.

The Meta 2 has a 90° field of view, and a projected display resolution of 2560x1440. . The user will be able to control things with their hands using the inbuilt position-tracking sensors and front-facing camera. It’s currently tethered and requires a connection to a Window 8 or 10 PC.

Meta envisage the main use for their technology being in business applications initially, in areas such as product engineering, architecture and design.

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Building for the Meta 2

Tools available to help with building Meta 2 experiences.

Design Tools


  Google SketchUp

Development Tools

  Developer Center

Useful Meta 2 Links

A selection of useful external links related to the Meta 2.

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