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Developing Innovative Products with your Challenges in Mind

We have developed a suite of innovative products with your challenges in mind. Combining your data into a linked & controlled environment enables us to create immersive visual experiences that can be shared and controlled through the use of AR, VR, MR and AI. Our Control Board assists with monitoring Operational Performance, our Holoskills© App is an Immersive Training Tool, and our Dynamic Schematic Tool assists engineers with Predictive Maintenance, Fault Finding, and Problem Solving.

Control Board (Real-Time Data Management and Analytics)

The PAULEY Control Board is a true common data environment enabling collaboration across all areas of a project and/or operations in real time irrespective of the original sources of the data. It brings together information from many different areas under one umbrella platform such as live project details (fieldwork locations, scale, online maps etc), BIM and 3D CAD data, and training and competency management.

  • Real-Time Collaboration
  • Use of Live GPS Data Feeds
  • Integration with HR Systems
  • Ability to Create Access Levels

HoloSkills© App

This intuitive, immersive learning app is delivered by a combination of augmented reality, virtual reality and screen-based devices, including laptops, tablets and large format classroom-based touchscreens, resulting in a truly ‘hands-on’ and game-changing learning experience.

  • Assess your Staff and Assign Tasks based on Competency Levels
  • Customise your Immersive Engagement Level
  • Collaborative Training Environment
  • Access to Risk-Free Training in DIRE situations

Digital Twin

PAULEY has extensive expertise in the development of ‘Digital Twin’ facilities that accurately mirror real world buildings, railway assets, transport networks and other items, complete with the corresponding services, drainage networks and underpinning substructures.

  • Real-Time Collaboration
  • Pre-Construction Planning & Training
  • Improved Engagement

Dynamic Schematics

PAULEY have created a dynamic digital schematic tool that allows you to access information at the point of need, facilitating an interconnected collaborative use of data and improving accuracy and efficiencies in your fault-finding process.

  • Interactive Access to Schematic Diagrams
  • Remote Access from Any Location
  • Higher Level of Learning and Engagement
  • Real-Time Collaboration

Digital Engineer: Remote Assistance

In order to be as productive and innovative as possible, our Digital Engineer of the future needs the ability to collaborate with partners across the world. This is because technical data is not only proliferating at an astonishing rate, but cross-disciplinary knowledge is increasingly necessary for modern projects. In addition, they will need to adapt to the wealth and intensity of information that is available and efficiently select the most relevant and accurate information for the problem at hand. Finally, for the digitally native generation now entering the workforce, having the use of agile digital solutions in their workplace is the minimum expectation.

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