PAULEY Control Board

A True Common Data Environment Enabling Collaboration Across All Areas of a Project and Operations in Real Time

The PAULEY Control Board is a true common data environment enabling collaboration across all areas of a project and operations in real time irrespective of the original sources of the data. It brings together information from many different areas under one umbrella platform, such as live project details (fieldwork locations, scale, online maps etc), BIM and 3D CAD data and training and competency management. Holding a wealth of data that provides Project Directors with visibility of every step of the process and financial saving and programme reductions, the platform is easy to use and ensures effective and automatic decision making by delivering the right information to the right people at the right time. Our Digital Control Boards also enable you to manage your project suppliers in one place alongside all other project assets and schedules, creating a cost-effective way to help you manage and communicate requirements to multiple suppliers at the same time.

Features & Benefits

Real Time Collaboration

Across all areas of a project or operations in a safe, practical learning environment.

Role Management

Enables a user to access data relevant to them and their job role.

Easy Location of Assets

Easily locate assets and initiate immediate mitigation plans should any issues arise.

Use of Live GPS Feeds and Mapping Services

Can be used to accurately provide the location of assets and vehicles within your network.

A Faster, More Efficient Route to Competency

AR allows trainees to learn-by-doing and to safely and easily explore different scenarios in a virtual world that just wouldn’t be possible in the real world. Competency levels can be checked and assessed in real time.

Innovative and Inspiring Service Offering

Upskilling current employees is essential to ensure industry is ready for technological advances. Traditional learning is no longer inspiring or motivating. The use of AR is innovative, engaging and truly inspiring.

Integration with HR Systems

Facilitating the management of training and competency requirements of staff carrying out work on the project.

Stores Health and Safety Records

Ensure that employees have the correct certification to work on safety-critical tasks and that their records are maintained.

Incident Recording

Incidents can be recorded and logged to ensure the health & safety records are accurately maintained.

Cross-Industry Consistency

AR solutions can be developed and shared across business units/industry to maintain consistency in competency levels.

Utilises Live Data

To ensure that all systems operate efficiently and any potential issues can be identified before faults occur.

Live Dashboards

Allow management to interpret the information in real time enabling key decisions to be made quickly

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