Digital Twins

Accurately Mirror Real World Assets Using 3D Spatial Computing Technology

PAULEY has extensive expertise in the development of ‘digital twin’ facilities that accurately mirror real world buildings, railway assets, transport networks and other items, complete with the corresponding services, drainage networks and underpinning substructures. These ‘digital twins’ have multiple applications, including stakeholder & investor engagement, business continuity planning exercises, and leadership and incident command training. With machine learning and inputs from expert engineers, you can also use the digital twin to identify problems before they occur and predict outcomes for the future.

Features & Benefits

Real-Time Collaboration

across all areas of a project or operations in a safe, practical learning environment.

Reduced Costs

Lower maintenance costs by predicting maintenance issues before breakdowns occur

Improve Engagement & Productivity

3D models can be managed and controlled in an engaging and immersive environment.

Pre-Construction and Manufacture Planning, Testing & Training

Visualise, Explore & Test planned assets before they are constructed or manufactured. Test the impact of changes and traing staff in advance of asset becoming operational.

Managing Assets in Real Time

Using digital twins to monitor daily operations and streamline manufacturing reduces unnecessary wear and tear on machinery and alerts business owners to potential money-saving changes.

Providing Better Service

Digital twins also have customer-facing applications, including remote troubleshooting. Technicians can conduct diagnostic testing from anywhere and walk consumers through the proper steps for repair.

What Our Clients Say