Dynamic Schematics

Digitising Paper-based Processes and Maintenance Systems

The PAULEY Dynamic Schematic platform integrates fault reports with network diagrams and the location of assets and components. The Fault mode represents the actions taken on the actual equipment and shows elements working or that have failed, a guided process to the resolution, and if not, then a connection to the systems and teams that the fault can affect so business decisions are recorded and actionable. Our training mode can allow scenarios to be planned and consequences to be played out at a safe risk-free environment.

PAULEY’s Dynamic Schematic provides the interconnectivity, data aggregation, and federation visualization base line functionality either in a control room setting through VR (specific advantage at depots building or fixed locations) or through AR at the point of need or on site. Controlled data is useful for retaining corporate knowledge and issue resolution through an accessible control room, & timely reporting.

Key Benefits

Process Efficiencies

Information available to the right person at the right time. Time Savings, Right First Time, Information available at point of need.

Data Integrity

Data remains up to date with no risk of repeated data, enabling accurate and efficient decision making in real-time. Use of live data ensures that all systems operate efficiently and any potential issues can be identified before faults occur.

Safe, Risk-Free Learning Environment

Interactive and visual feedback gives engineers a far greater understanding of equipment.

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