HoloSkills© App

Delivering Intuitive Immersive Learning Programmes

Industry requires new employees or apprentices to be trained quickly and efficiently, and existing employees to be upskilled seamlessly. Health and Safety is also a top priority for industry - the requirement to train staff effectively and to undertake (in some cases) dangerous roles. In order to meet industry requirements, we need to implement training and assessment programmes that are effective, robust, easy to use, efficient and most of all, engaging.

With this in mind, PAULEY developed their HoloSkills© App. This intuitive, immersive learning app is delivered by a combination of augmented reality, virtual reality and screen-based devices, including laptops, tablets and large format classroom-based touchscreens, resulting in a truly ‘hands-on’ and game-changing learning experience. Through the PAULEY HoloSkills© platform we can provide you with the functionality to choose the immersive engagement level required and to understand the cultural and behavioural value you can add, at the same time as demonstrating the cost savings that could be achieved. You can also assess your staff and assign tasks based on competency levels.

Features & Benefits

Real-Time Collaboration

across all areas of a project or operations in a safe, practical learning environment.

Integration with HR Systems

Facilitating the management of training and competency requirements of staff.

A Safe, Risk-Free Learning Environment

Eliminates the risk of placing staff into DIRE situations for the purpose of training.

Cost-Effective Solution

Reproduction and circulation of new course material is quick and easy, eliminating the cost of re-printing as updates are required

A More Efficient Route to Competency

AR allows trainees to learn-by-doing and to safely and easily explore different scenarios in a virtual world that just wouldn’t be possible in the real world. Competency levels can be checked and assessed in real time.

Cross-Industry Consistency

AR solutions can be developed and shared across business units/industry to maintain consistency in competency levels.

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