Immersive Learning Programmes for Higher Education

Preparing the Next Generation of Workers

Higher Education organisations and institutions are experiencing increasing pressure to deliver learning experiences that more closely reflect current industry working practices, tools, technologies, property assets and working conditions. Our solutions help to create cost-effective replications of real-world environments for the purpose of training that are also risk-free and highly engaging and effective. Digital training solutions are ideal in a world where the pace of change is such that material and equipment becomes outdated quickly, as they can be easily updated without incurring huge costs.

Demonstration of Competencies

Test the learner’s ability to demonstrate the competencies (behaviours, knowledge and skills) that they have been taught.

Simulated Activities are Inherently Safe

Maximise the outputs from your facilities and staff. Even moderately risky real-world activities relegate teaching staff to the role of safety supervisor which reduces their capacity to fulfil their primary teaching role and limits the number of learning activities undertaken simultaneously.


“Digital Twin” assets can be made available within multiple educational establishments for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a single asset for a single location.

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