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PAULEY has an extensive understanding of the challenges faced by corporate L&D professionals. We offer a range of innovative digital learning solutions to meet the needs of industry, from Pre-boarding and Onboarding to HSE and Incident Command Training.

"Recent research shows that 45% of businesses in high- consequence industries see immersive technologies as critical to their business goals over the next two years. With evidence that immersive training programmes can reduce training time by 40% and improve employee performance by 70%, this is one of the most common uses of extended reality in enterprise."
Immerse UK: 'The Immersive Economy in the UK Report 2019'

Preboarding Solutions

As the pace of business life speeds-up employers are increasingly keen to reduce the time-to-competency for new employees, so why wait until they arrive for their first day to commence their onboarding process? PAULEY Preboarding Solutions can be accessed independently of corporate networks, via the Internet using personal devices. This means new employees are able to gain access to digital learning before completing the cyber security training normally needed to gain access to internal business IT networks. During the gap between signing their contract of employment and arriving at work learners can complete:

  • Digital virtual ‘walk-throughs’ of your site that allow them to become familiar with accessible entrance routes, car parking facilities, evacuation routes, fire and emergency assembly points
  • Site induction eLearning and assessments to confirm they understand and can comply with basic site access & safety rules, emergency & security procedures, and any dress & behavioural expectations before theey arrive for their first day at work.

Onboarding Solutions

The process of onboarding new employees can often be long and involved, covering key items of mandatory content as well as items focused on assuring a good cultural fit and suitable team behaviour. Our Onboarding Solutions employ a combination of eLearning and spatial computing technologies including Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality, to provide a compelling, engaging and interesting induction to your business. The outcome of assessed activities can be recorded in your chosen SCORM compliant learning management system to provide the essential audit trail needed to prove successful completion of mandatory and regulatory learning.

Health & Safety Training Solutions

Using Augmented or Virtual Reality technology, we can test the learner’s ability to practically apply HSE working procedures using high fidelity real-world simulations. PAULEY excels in circumstances that involve orientating employees to operate effectively in DIRE (Dangerous, Isolated, Risky or Emergency) situations. Our technology allows learners to experience highly realistic immersive environments simulating real world complexity and testing their ability to cope, without placing them at risk.

CASE STUDY: Siemens Rail
Siemens Rail are responsible for installing, operating and maintaining high-performance, state-of-the-art rail electrification equipment that are installed into substations across the UK rail network. Key safety standards are required to be followed for engineers working on live sites and training on the equipment poses many safety and logistical challenges. Through the 3D modelling and animation of electrical switch gears and components it was possible to demonstrate the electrical safety processes and procedures used in securing and protecting live parts.

Reduce Risk and Environmental Damage

Personnel do not have to be subjected to dangerous environments in order to complete the required training.

Effective Upskilling & Engagement

The use of immersive technology ensures maximum engagement and knowledge retention.

Reduced Operating & Training Costs

Eliminate the need to disrupt live service or re-locate personnel and reduce material reproduction costs.

Workflow Learning Solutions

The 'learning in the flow of work' concept recognises that digital learning now has the capacity to provide solutions and experiences that make learning almost invisible in our jobs. Most employees regularly use solutions like Google and YouTube at the point of need to solve tactical problems or obstacles that they have encountered in the flow of their work. PAULEY’s innovative products allow workers to access real-time learning solutions or request remote assistance from a colleague located anywhere in the world when completing challenging tasks. This enhances safety and reduces the risk that workers will make expensive and time-consuming mistakes.

Leadership and Incident Command Solutions

PAULEY has extensive expertise in the development of ‘digital twin’ facilities that accurately mirror real world buildings, railway assets, transport networks and other items, complete with the corresponding services, drainage networks and underpinning substructures. These ‘digital twins’ have multiple applications, including business continuity planning exercises, leadership and incident command training. The same 3D spatial computing technology that PAULEY harnesses to provide employees with rich, engaging, highly realistic HSE experiences and assessments can be scaled-up to a tactical or strategic level to provide realistic simulations that shape and test the skills of incident managers and commanders.

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