Project Lifecycle Management

Your Digital CADMID Partner

PAULEY can be your Digital CADMID Partner: An Industry leader in providing the most advanced and innovative digital solutions to help you manage your journey through every stage of the Project Lifecycle. Rather than creating multiple assets through different partners over the lifecycle of a project, PAULEY can create a single digital asset repository for long-term use that can be pooled from at any stage of a project. From creating engaging and interactive visual ‘Proof of Concepts’ that help engage stakeholders in your plans & improve your chances of tender success, to delivering 'in service' tools that will ensure your workforce is productive and meeting the required competency levels through onboarding and upskilling. At all stages, we aim to help you implement effective operational management & workflow processes and the repository created can act as an archive facility which effectively becomes a 'digital memory' of your project.

PAULEY offer a consultancy service to define your requirements, create business cases and assist with innovation projects and tender processes for projects of any size.

CADMID: Project lifecycle model

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