Pioneering Augmented Reality (Wearable) Solutions

Bring 3D Models to Life for Audiences Anywhere in the World.

Augmenting real environments with computer-generated content enables trainees, staff and customers anywhere in the world to remotely explore scenarios and brands. Working with holograms in a real-life setting will be the future of team-based e-Learning and powerfully immersive promotional solutions.

The Benefits

Engaging Learning Experience

AR delivers a unique interactive and immersive learning experience, transforming traditionally delivered training and allowing for greater collaboration.

Safe, Robust and Future-Proofed

Immersive Learning enables apprentices and engineers to experience complicated training scenarios and the workings of complex and/or dangerous equipment in a safe, practical and near ‘real-life’ learning environment.

Cost-Effective Solution

Immersive Learning is fast, adaptable, accessible and offers greater value than traditional classroom training. Content centralised around 3D assets can be easily adapted, modified and reproduced.

Cross-Industry Consistency

AR solutions can be developed and shared across business units/industry to ensure that competency levels are the same throughout the business and that all trainees are achieving the same skill levels.

A Fast, Efficient Route to Competency

AR allows trainees to safely learn-by-doing, exploring different scenarios in a virtual world that just wouldn’t be possible in the real world. Competency level can be assessed in real time.

Innovative and Inspiring Service

Upskilling current employees is essential to ensure industry is ready for technological advances. Traditional learning methods are no longer inspiring or motivating. The use of AR is innovative, engaging and truly inspiring.

What Our Clients Say