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Delivering Innovative Blended Learning Solutions for Educational Institutions and Training Organisations

PAULEY are working with Higher Education & Independent Schools to pioneer the use of immersive technology in training programmes and educational curriculums. We work with you to esrablish how the technology can be embedded into course delivery. Bringing multiple benefits, immersive technology allows students to learn to manage DIRE environments or complex tools without risk or the need to place them into a live operating environment. Having the abiity to access learning material remotely, digital programmes also remove the need to re-produce course material everytime an update is required. These benefits significantly reduce costs and the time required to enable students to reach the required level of competency.

Learning, Training & Skills Development Solutions

Enabling students of all ages to access simulated replications of real-world environments for the purpose of training that are also risk-free and highly engaging and effective. Our solutions also help to significantly reduce trainng costs and save time.

Exploring the Power of Innovation

Explore new and innovative ways to engage students in course content.

Immersive Learning Professional Programme

A programme designed to raise awareness of how immersive technology can be used effectively in education and training. Enabling learning and development professionals to become digitally aware and confident in how they train using immersive technology.

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn" Benjamin Franklin

Training & Skills Development: Reducing Training Costs

The primary benefits of learning using immersive technology are that it is proven to increase engagement levels and results. Students Immersive education can also lead to significant operational efficiencies including reducing costs and saving time. At PAULEY we understand that funds are limited and that benefits and outcomes need to be clearly defined within our clients' business cases. The economic argument for doing something differently must be demonstrated. That’s why we’ve devised a method for understanding the cost differential between traditional, face-to-face training and a more blended learning approach incorporating immersive technology. Our Cost Savings Calculator aims to provide an illustration of the cost savings you could realise if you replaced your current training programmes with a blended learning approach. The tool helps to demonstrate the return on investment over time.

Blended Learning

Blended learning is a professional approach to learning and training that combines face to face learning with innovative digital media, making your content easier to fully digest and explore. Digital data capture also allows you to track your users’ reactions in real-time and manage their learning in the long-term.

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