Working with the Marine Industry to Improve Stakeholder & Customer Engagement & Plan for the Future

Engaging Educational Experiences

Providing room filling simulated educational experiences that can make the deepest ocean accessible to all and actively engaging stakeholders and customers in your products. Informing potential customers about new products, i.e. ships and offshore installations.

Simulating Coastal & Underwater Environments, and Marine Vessels

Digital Twins of Yachts, Ships, Harbour areas and Marine Environments. Innovative concept design for coastal environment suatainability projects. Training maritime officers to use ship systems in a controlled real time environment.

Maintenance, Fault Finding
& Problem Solving

Assisting with the assembly, maintenance and repair of complex systems. Instructions, drawings, procedures and 3-D virtual guides can be overlaid in real time onto images of the actual equipment, helping engineers to work more efficiently.

Engaging Educational Experiences
Case Study: SeaDream

SeaDream Yacht Club is a family-owned company. Established in 2001, SeaDream Yacht Club launched with twin mega-yachts, SeaDream I and SeaDream II, and has achieved the industry’s highest accolades. The SeaDream team, both shoreside and aboard, enjoy knowing they are providing unprecedented levels of luxury and service.

PAULEY helped bring the SeaDream vision alive through the creation of 3D rendered models of the SeaDream Yacht from blueprints. We also created marketing images and videos to help promote the experience on board the vessel to potential customers and placed the 3D Model of the SeaDream Ship into the HoloLens for general visualisation.

Case Study: Digital Twin of The British Antarctic Survey Rothera Research Station

The BAS Rothera Research Station is located on the Antarctic Peninsula. In 2017 BAM were chosen to partner with the British Antarctic Survey to assist with a major programme of modernisation that would enable a world-leading capability to ensure that Britain remains at the forefront of climate, biodiversity and ocean research in the Polar regions. One of the first projects to be undertaken was the redevelopment of the wharf. This is part of the enhancement of polar facilities to accommodate the new state-of-the-art polar research vessel the RRS Sir David Attenborough.

The Antarctic construction projects present unique challenges given the continent is the highest, driest, coldest and windiest on Earth, and most construction work will need to be completed during the four-month window of the Antarctic summer. Construction workers will live and work alongside science teams in harsh and remote environments, sometimes in sub-zero temperatures. PAULEY have built a digital twin of the Rothera Research Station to illustrate the power of digital technologies for real time operations - training, maintenance, fault finding etc. in these challenging environments.

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