Delivering Innovative Solutions for Asset Management, Maintenance & Training

Energy and Utility companies face the challenges of an industry rapidly diversifying, decentralising and digitising. The utility sector also faces enormous challenges in hiring a trained workforce, with a lack of technical skills, training, and experience being some of the major issues faced by hiring managers. The use of VR and AR in the utility field can help organizations improve their efficiency by better training workers to take control of unexpected situations more quickly, improving situational awareness and the responsiveness of its employees and creating better working environments.

Training, Skills Development & Remote Assistance

Upskill and reskill your workforce effectively without subjecting them to dangerous environments. Enable Remote Assistance at any time.

Operational Efficiency:
Asset Management

Maximize asset performance, improve workforce productivity and minimize operational costs.

Exploring the Power of Innovation

Explore new and innovative ways of working and engage stakeholders in all stages of a project and operations.

Customer Experience & Engagement

Use Digital Twins to deepen customer engagement for more meaningful interactions and new revenues.

"Market forecasts show Energy and Utilities ranking among the top three verticals in terms of Augmented Reality (AR) glasses shipments and total value chain revenues which is estimated to grow to US$18bn by 2022."(Source: ABI Research)

Addressing the Challenges of Attracting & Maintaining a Trained Workforce

Training and on-boarding of new technicians and engineers can be a costly and time consuming task for utility organisations. Augmented Reality technology can be used to reduce this significantly by facilitating accelerated learning and making asset specific information available at the point of need. Digital Twins help technicians get a better understanding of equipment than they can achieve with 2D drawings and can be used to view the internal components of a piece of equipment and explore its inner workings in a safe environment. Simulating real life situations enables technicians to be taught site safety practices without exposing them to dangerous environments, ensuring they are adequately trained to combat situations they may encounter in the workplace.

Pilot Project - Capita and UKPN

PAULEY ran a pilot project with CAPITA looking into how augmented reality overlays could be used to assist with workforce safety on site. Using thermal cameras, PAULEY created a series of visual overlays onto a tunnel pipe network that highlighted hazardous areas of extreme temperature to be avoided. This project was the first of a series of trials into the potential use of immersive technologies to improve working environments and health and safety in hazardous conditions.

By 2023, 75% of Utilities Assets will be digitally connected - But how they're integrated will be make or break. A recent IDC Report says that over the next five years the need to power predictive maintenance and extend asset life cycle will drive 75% of critical utilities assets to be digitally connected. But it’s how well integrated AI and IoT technologies are that will ultimately turn all this data into value.Energy Voice Source

Addressing Operational Efficiency

Remote Assistance

Many organisations waste time and money getting the correct personnel to the right place in order to complete tasks. Digital Engineer (Remote Assist) functionality allows a remote expert to guide local technicians on the ground through processes and provide them with immediate feedback, enabling them to take the actions required to fix the problem.

Predictive Maintenance

The PAULEY Dynamic Schematic platform integrates fault reports with network diagrams and the location of assets and components. The Fault mode represents the actions taken on the actual equipment and shows elements working or that have failed, a guided process to the resolution, and if not, then a connection to the systems and teams that the fault can affect so business decisions are recorded and actionable.

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