Optimising Operational Performance

Delivering Efficient Working Processes that Minimise Risk and Cost

Reducing Operational & Training Costs

At PAULEY we understand that funds are limited and that benefits and outcomes need to be clearly defined within our clients' business cases. The economic argument for doing something differently must be demonstrated. That’s why we’ve devised a method for understanding the cost differential between traditional, face-to-face training and a more blended learning approach incorporating immersive technology.

Our Cost Savings Calculator aims to provide an illustration of the cost savings you could realise if you replaced your current training programmes with a blended learning approach. The tool helps to demonstrate the return on investment over time.

Immersive Technology Introduces Numerous Benefits to the Cost-Efficiency of Your Operations:

Minimise Logistical Expense

Reduce delegate travel costs, expand your geographical reach, and reduce direct trainer time required. Simulation allows greater attendees per trainer for specialist training.

Faster Route to Competency

Technology triages competency to assess re-training requirements. Assessment data highlights strengths and weaknesses resulting in a faster route to competency.

Reduction in Reproduction Costs

Digital course material can be updated and reproduced with ease, eliminating costly re-prints and hard copy creation.

Deliver Training at the Point of Need

Reducing hours required to complete a course and increasing productivity levels.

Flexible & Adaptable Programmes

Systems can be seamlessly adapted and updated at the touch of a button with no costly upgrades to infrastructure/systems.

Minimise Operational Impact

Avoid interruption to live operations - Reduced risk of service interruption and learning time pressures are avoided.

Reducing Operational Risk & Safety Concerns

The use of immersive technology enables you to simulate dangerous environments. The re-creation of high-risk systems and scenarios in a safe environment, reduces risk and accelerates learning. You no longer have to place staff in dangerous environments for the purpose of training. Simulated environments also eliminate the potential for spillages and hazards, reducing risk of damage to the environment.

Our digital environments allow for the safe access to concealed assets that would normally involve a high level of risk to access. Layers of buildings or other physical assets can be removed and re-instated without touching the physical asset itself, allowing for the visualisation of change and potential risk should a concealed asset be affected by a direct action.

Delivery of Information at Point of Need

The use of mobile and wearable technology to deliver our solutions enables you to access your information from anywhere whenever it's required. This eliminates the need to locate personnel on a physical site in order to complete a task, which often incurs high travel costs and carries increased risk. It also means that data can be immediately accessed and amended to inform actions during critical situations where timely management is essential.

Through our centralised data methodology and immersive technology approach for accessing and informing digital assets in realtime, we deliver the right information to the right hands at the right time.

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