Operational Performance Support Solutions

We Help Organisations to Innovate, Collaborate and Create a More Efficient and Productive Network and Workforce Using Immersive Technology.

Knowing where people are, that they are acting in a safe manner in fast moving complex environments, that they can access and amend the right data according to their authority level and it is held in a secure way, is a vital culture to establish and execute for successful operational management.

Our real time Control Boards are a powerful tool that allow you to track and manage performance across networks and workforces from one central point. They help you to locate and control anomalies, issues and risk, and allow for digital change management such that in times of disruption, decisions can be made by enabling real time communications in a secure environment.

Asset & People Management

Infrastructure assets and their behavior needs to be intelligently managed. Asset owners seek new ways to improve asset performance through real time monitoring.

PAULEY assist clients seeking to define better asset performance outcomes through the use of digital technologies and re-engineered processes. We encourage the growth in infrastructure autonomy, allowing assets to begin to manage themselves.

Performance & Predictive Maintenance, Fault Finding & Problem Solving

Visual access to real-time data will allow us to immediately identify components that a specific problem relates to and pass the requirement directly onto the maintainers so that they can communicate with suppliers. This significantly reduces the time taken to action a fix and the chances of a fault having a significant impact on operations.

Project Lifecycle Management

PAULEY’s solutions can assist in the successful completion of any stage of your project - From 'Proof of Concept' to delivering 'In Service' tools and training solutions that facilitate efficient operational management and working processes. Creating, locating, and amending assets throughout projects with a long lifecycle can be a real challenge. PAULEY can create a single digital asset repository for long-term use that can be pooled from at any stage of a project and referenced or amended with ease, eliminating the need to recreate the same asset multiple times through different partners.

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