Asset & People Management

Improving Asset Performance Through the Use of Digital Technology and Real Time Monitoring

Asset Management

PAULEY drive improvements in asset management performance through updated business processes that utilise digital data aggregation and presentation and real time monitoring. Our real time visual solutions enable collaborative planning through a common data environment. They empower individuals to maintain and manage their linear and fixed assets at the point of need, removing the requirements to be located on the site of the physical asset when quick decisions need to be made and action taken in order to limit interruption to live operations. Suppliers, contractors and engineers can investigate digital twin assets in detail from any location alongside latest reports and livestream data, enabling action to be taken immediately. Using Live Dashboards, Management teams can use our Control Board to analyse trends and solutions in realtime, enabling quick and effective decision making.

Immersive Technology Offers Multiple Benefits:

Process Efficiencies

Information available to the right person at the right time. Time savings, right first time, information available at point of need.

Data integrity

Data remains up to date with no risk of repeated data, enabling accurate and efficient decision making in real-time.

Accuracy of Reports

Key decisions are well informed leading to time and cost savings.

People Management

Our solutions also enable you to set access permissions and manage and monitor the impact of any actions that an employee or member of your team may have during the working day or throughout a project lifecycle. Alongside day to day performance, our Asset Management Solutions can also be integrated with Competency Management and Interactive Training modules to monitor the ongoing upskilling and training of staff, ensuring they have completed all of the necessary steps to undertake their role.

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