Our Technology

Shape the Futue Of Your Organisation With Innovative Mixed Reality Technologies

Interconnecting with a range of leading-edge immersive technologies, our software solutions enable the delivery of highly engaging content through extremely powerful mechanisms. Whether it’s turning paper-based maintenance instructions into a competency management system, visualising complex processes into a real-time common data environment or accurately replicating a dangerous environment in Virtual or Augmented Reality, our technology delivers automated, realistic, and future-proofed experiences.

"PAULEY are technology and hardware agnostic and can therefore develop solutions that operate through a range of platforms."

Pioneering Augmented Reality (Wearable) Solutions

Augmented Reality (AR) is a type of immersive multimedia that augments real environments with computer-generated content, bringing 3D Models to Life for audiences anywhere in the world. PAULEY are working with cutting-edge AR wearable technology and are an active part of the developer community for Microsoft HoloLens.

  • Engaging Learning Experience
  • Innovative and Inspiring
  • Robust and Future-Proofed
  • Cost-Effective Solution


Innovative Virtual Reality Solutions

Virtual Reality (VR) is a type of immersive multimedia that simulates a person’s presence in a computer-generated world—a compulsive learning environment. If it’s tricky to get access to the ‘real thing’, we can use VR to recreate anything – environments, vehicles, machines and more.

Mixed Reality (MR)

Mixed reality combines the physical and virtual worlds to include real and computer-generated objects. Users can navigate the environment and interact with both real and virtual objects. Mixed Reality (MR) combines aspects of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

A.I & Machine Learning

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior. It has the capacity to take immersive learning to another level. In a learning, training & skills development capacity, AI can replace numerous situations that occur randomly and learn from a students behavior. As the student gets better, the system will present increasing difficult situations, personalizing the education.
Implementation of AI for virtual reality/augmented reality is expected to offer more immersive technology which will be increasingly personalized. Based on previous behaviours within environments, AI has the potential to offer up relevant options to the user or predict required outcomes before they occur.

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