Innovative Virtual Reality (VR) Solutions

Simulating a Person’s Presence in a Computer-Generated World

Virtual Reality (VR) is a type of immersive multimedia that simulates a person’s presence in a computer-generated world—a compulsive learning environment. If it’s tricky to get access to the ‘real thing’, we can use VR to recreate anything – environments, vehicles, machines and more. It can be used to troubleshoot faults and execute tasks, just as they would occur in the real world. PAULEY are working with cutting-edge VR headsets and are proud to be part of the developer community for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

The Benefits

Outstanding Visualisations

VR provides outstanding visualisations that can’t be achieved in a traditional work or training environment and complely engages and immerses the user in the visualised world.


Makes the work package/training accessible to all, breaking down barriers such as language etc.

Safe Environment

Simulation eliminates the need for trainees to work on site until they are competent and appropriately trained to do so.
Learning is safe and risk free

Improved Stakeholder Engagement

We can use this technology to showcase client products and services in virtual showrooms helping clients to deliver life-like user experiences and saving space. Improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Maximise Learning

Mixed Reality technologies improve learning experiences, make learning easier, and increase learning capacity and knowledge retention, ensuring that trainees are better prepared to undertake challenging industry roles.

Cost-Effective Solution

Immersive Learning is fast, adaptable, accessible and offers greater value than traditional classroom training. Content centralised around 3D assets can be easily adapted and modified to be used across many different disciplines.

What Our Clients Say