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Leveraging Immersive Technology & Big Data to Optimise Operational Performance Across a Range of Industries


We work with a range of industries to help resolve key challenges and empower people to achieve their goals through the use of innovative technology. PAULEY are specialists in working with clients whose key concerns include the logistical challenges and associated costs of managing large infrastructure networks and placing personnel in safety-critical environments. From training and skills development to enterprise project management, asset and operational management, innovation, and business planning, we help professionals working in these areas to increase productivity, enhance performance and drive efficiencies and to future proof their processes.



PAULEY are unique in working closely with the Rail industry to innovate and bring about process change that allows for the successful integration of immersive technology into training programmes and everyday management processes. We are leading the digital step change for training within the rail industry, working with Siemens & NTAR, TUCA and NCATI, Hitachi and Alstom, all of whom are embracing the cutting edge of technology throughout their projects.


Working with the Aviation industry to create engaging educational experiences, risk-free training and skills development tools for workforces and maintenance solutions. We create 3D Digital Twins (replicas) of proposed or existing Terminal buildings and all associated assets including aircraft, passenger transport systems, and facilities, to enable effective operational management and provide simulated educational experiences that actively engage stakeholders and customers in your products and services.


Using innovative technology to create engaging educational experiences and training tools. Our digital twins can help to engage prospects and secure investment in high-end marine products. PAULEY have used virtual and Augmented reality to create promotional videos that create a sense of reality without being there and 3D models of proposed high-end yachts used to engage stakeholders in their future potential.

Construction & Infrastructure

PAULEY excels in circumstances that involve orientating employees to operate effectively in DIRE (Dangerous, Isolated, Risky or Emergency) situations. Our 3D spatial computing technology allows engineers and construction workers to experience highly realistic immersive environments that simulate real world complexity and test their ability to cope, without placing them or learning professionals at risk.


Energy and Utility companies face the challenges of an industry rapidly diversifying, decentralising and digitising. Augmented and Virtual Reality are paving the way for simplifying many processes in the utility industry and are providing an efficient and safe working environment to utility sector employees.

Education & Training

Working with higher education establishments, industry bodies, colleges, and independent schools to embed innovative technology into training programmes and curriculums.

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