Construction & Infrastructure

Delivering Innovative Solutions for Safe Training and Operations in DIRE situations

The use of immersive technologies in Construction & Infrastructure is revolutionising training and site management. They provide collaborative learning experiences with numerous practical applications such as inspecting a site from a ‘god’ view to plan deliveries; exploring products, BIM models or equipment with cross-functional teams, and showing safe walking paths and collection points in an induction.

Addressing Health & Safety Challenges

Training, Skills Development & Simulation - Providing digital tools required to upskill and reskill contruction workers and engineers safely without subjecting them to dangerous environments.

Getting Ahead of The Game & Planning for The Future

The use of Digital Twins enable you to effectively engage stakeholders in construction projects before they even get off the ground, helping you to plan and manage change and increase your chances of success.

Addressing Health & Safety Challenges:
Training, Skills Development & Simulation

PAULEY has an extensive understanding of the challenges faced by corporate L&D professionals. We offer a range of innovative digital learning solutions to meet the needs of industry, from Pre-boarding and Onboarding to HSE and Incident Command Training. Using Augmented or Virtual Reality technology, we can test the learner’s ability to practically apply HSE working procedures using high fidelity real-world simulations. PAULEY excels in circumstances that involve orientating employees to operate effectively in DIRE (Dangerous, Isolated, Risky or Emergency) situations.

"I was amazed upon first experiencing the tunnelling environment that Pauley has created. In front of me was a real life hologram, fixed in space and that could be inspected from any angle. The real ‘wow’ moment came when I leaned over the image to find a digger and workers not visible until I peer down the pit shaft, which reached toward my feet."

Nathaniel Cooke, Assistant Fund Manager. CITB

Case Study: TunnelSkills

TunnelSkills is the national specialist training forum for the UK tunnelling industry. Supported by CITB, the British Tunnelling Society and the Tunnelling and Underground Construction Academy - TUCA, members benefit from the continuing development of specific tunnelling qualifications. The aim is to benchmark safety and competence for all in the underground environment, and to promote competence via on-site training and assessment leading to national qualifications. The project entails elevating tunnelling and underground construction skills through immersive technologies. The wider project will address challenges of simulating/recreating tunnelling environments for workers to develop the behaviours and competencies required for their roles. The immersive content delivered as part of this project aims to build awareness of the risks and hazards amongst employees at all levels helping to affect culture change through the industry.

Getting Ahead of The Game & Planning for The Future

Building a Digital Twin of an existing or proposed asset enables you to engage stakeholders in the planning process and to change components to see what impact it may have, without affecting the Real thing. It can also be used as a promotional tool to allow potential customers to explore heavy or hazardous assets and components without risk.

Case Study - Engaging Sales Demonstrations: Dugard

PAULEY offered a full 3D modelling service to dugard (CNC machine tool specialists) to create immersive solutions that would offer a valuable resource for their sales force and a virtual training facility. In order to promote their machines effectively, Dugard need to tap into the future of sales techniques. Standard video and photography is no longer a viable option in an increasingly competitive market place. Moving heavy industrial equipment is becoming increasingly expensive and challenging and new engaging techniques were required to help with sales demonstrations. Using their new, immersive promotional solutions, Dugard have been able to engage their prospects much more quickly than they would otherwise have been able to, reducing sales pipelines and making it easier to give demonstrations on the fly.

Suporting Organisations through the Bid Process

With an excellent track record in providing support to the bid and tender process to large organisations requiring specialist solutions, both in the UK and further afield, we will help you to put yourself ahead of the competition.

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