Working with the Aviation Sector to Drive Innovation and Improve Stakeholder Engagement

Engaging Educational Experiences: Simulating Aircraft and Airport Assets

Providing simulated educational experiences that can actively engaging stakeholders and customers in your products and services. Informing potential customers about new products and offerings.

Risk-Free Learning, Training & Skills Development

Digital Twins of aircraft, airports and aviation assets can assist with cost-effective and risk-free workforce training.

Maintenance, Fault Finding
& Problem Solving

Assisting engineers with the assembly, maintenance and repair of complex systems. Instructions, drawings, procedures and guides can be overlaid onto images of actual equipment.

Use of immersive technologies by high profile companies in this sector is now attracting attention. At Boeing, test subjects who used AR to assemble wing parts achieved a 90% improvement in first-time quality compared to colleagues using PDF files. BAE used a Google Glass pilot to decrease assembly time by 25% in aviation manufacture. Airbus and Japan Airlines are using Microsoft HoloLens to train engineers and cabin crews.
(Source: The Immersive Economy in the UK 2019 report)

Engaging Educational Experience Case Study:
Vulcan To The Sky Trust

Vulcan to the Sky Trust required an Initial Consultation Document for their Vulcan Engineering Education and Experience Centre to include a wide range of architectural and engagement visualisations. PAULEY created a bespoke introductory brochure for the proposed educational experience that included visualisations of how the centre might look including architectural designs, interactive engagement, visitor attractions and a multimedia communications strategy. The new centre will inspire and educate a new generation of British Engineers.

Since working on the initial project, we have also helped the Trust to design and create immersive promotional materials for their Vulcan Club members. The Trust has received unprecedented support from the public and key stake holders for Ve3.

Case Study: Heathrow Terminal 5 Pilot Project

PAULEY worked with Heathrow Airport on a Pilot project to create a Digital Twin of the Heathrow Terminal 5 building. The purpose of this project was to explore the potential of the technology for enabling stakeholders to explore proposals and proposed operational plans in detail without having any immediate impact on the real life assets. The 3D model was also designed to be used as a cost-effective training tool for engineers and airport workers to learn through simulation, removing the necessity to put them at any risk.

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