We harness tomorrow’s technology to accelerate today’s progress. Our three-tiered digital twinning approach is centred around people, delivering benefits that improve daily operations, cut carbon footprint, and enhance your bottom line. Our solutions adhere to the industry standards expected of our defence, aerospace, infrastructure and energy sector clients including the principles of ISO 27001 ensuring trust, privacy and security.

Co-developing solutions, we optimise your business operations with our user-friendly digital twinning solutions and help you to gain a competitive edge in an eco-conscious market.


Our Mission Statement

In today’s data-driven world, our augmented reality applications are revolutionising operational performance. Solving complex challenges in the spheres of training, simulation, maintenance and command and control, we specialise in creating custom-made AR applications that integrate seamlessly with your digital twin. Whether you’re a rail, defence, infrastructure or energy sector client, our technology consultancy prioritises the human element in every step of the process and ensures that we build solutions tailored to your specific needs.

By bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds, our AR applications will transform the way you think, plan, and analyse. Our unique know-how and IP, coupled with our people-centric approach will help make you to develop smarter, safer, cheaper, and greener day-to-day operations. As a leading technology consultancy, we’re committed to optimising your business operations with cutting-edge AR solutions.

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Our Product Suite

Spatial presentations for demonstrations and exhibitions – simplifying Complexity for Key Stakeholders, Staff and High Value Sales.

Digitising Maintenance Instructions and Training to Increase Competency and Confidence.

Establishing and Connecting Multiple Sensor Datasets, Setting Operational Parameters, Receiving Alerts and Slashing Costs.

Receiving Proactive Network Performance Data, Aligning Faults with Maintenance Information at the Point of Need.

Our Product Suite




Accelerated Solutions
Environment (ASE)

We’ll transform your training materials into immersive digital experiences, centralising your knowledge for easy access. Empower your workforce to learn while they work and access crucial information when they need it through optimised training programs focused on improving productivity.

We’ll help you secure and contextualise your data to gain real-time insights into asset performance. Our solutions enable you to become a predictive workforce instead of a reactive one. Unlock new outcomes from the power of your data today and stay ahead of your competition.

Our virtual replicas of your physical assets and systems, securely integrated with performance data and maintenance procedure visualisations, significantly reduce your carbon costs. Optimising your operations and helping you achieve sustainability goals, we’ll deliver improved outcomes through enhanced efficiency and reduced costs.

ASE delivers the Art of the Possible through a dynamic and flexible optioneering that can help you deliver real solutions months or even years ahead of your competition based on our unique know-how, mature product roadmap and our knowledge of the future of immersive display technologies.

Clients and Partners

What Our Clients Say

As a market leading technology consultancy, we have clients spanning various sectors from defence to transportation to renewable energy.  We understand the importance of advanced technology in the most demanding and complex environments many of which require enhanced data handling security and compliance with ISO 27001.

Our deep know-how, product roadmap and practical examples of data driven augmented reality include heads-up displays, sand tables, strategic planning environments, training simulations and better decision-making tools.  We can facilitate access to insight

and data in augmented reality environments for all teams ranging from civil engineers through to military personnel thus providing clarity to enable quick and effective decisions in critical situations.

Our diverse, strategic, and forward-thinking clients prioritise trust, privacy, security, sustainability, employee learning, and proactive operations and we tailor our products and services to their unique requirements using our proprietary expertise. We’re involved in some of the world’s largest, most complex and most challenging projects and we’re always open to hearing from new clients.


We specialise in combining state-of-the-art visualisation with cloud enabled data integration between
people, processes, technology and the Internet of Things.

Everything from proof of concept to major turn-key managed and outsourced projects.

Our team handles
projects ranging in budget from USD $10,000 to $1,000,000.

We work with clients locally, nationally and globally, across EMEA, Americas and Asia.