Strategies & Real Time Immersive Digital Solutions for Pioneering Businesses

At our heart, PAULEY are Spatial Computing Pioneers - An award-winning UK-based team of Digital Innovation Specialists. Our immersive 3D, VR and AR Application Developers and Digital Consultants specialise in developing innovative digital solutions. Through the application of pioneering technology, we enable you to communicate, visualise and share your data through a centralised controlled environment.

Our solutions are proven to increase productivity, maximise user engagement, enhance performance and drive efficiencies within your business, addressing complex training, logistical and operational performance management challenges & empowering people to make better decisions.

How We Help

Empowering Your People

Effective Onboarding & Upskilling

Effective Employee & Team Engagement

Effective Communication, Collaboration & Stakeholder Engagement

Optimising Operational Performance

Reducing Operational Risk & Safety Concerns

Reducing Operational & Training Costs

Delivery of Information at Point of Need

Supporting Digital Transformation

Realtime Visualisation & Management of Data

Leveraging Innovative Technology & Big Data

Improved Productivity

Our Clients & Partners

Learning, Training & Skills Development Solutions

PAULEY specify, design and develop blended learning programmes using a range of innovative digital technologies. We provide our clients with bespoke agile upskilling, reskilling and competency management solutions.

Operational Performance Support Solutions

Our real time interactive environments help to optimise your operational performance through effective asset & people management, efficient project management and the ability to locate and control issues and risk.

Digital Innovation: Consultation & Bid Support

As digital innovation specialists, we are experienced in competitive bid and tender situations requiring specialist solutions. Our Consultancy Service assists clients with the specification of requirements and outcomes & business cases.

Who We Work With

"There are clear and wide ranging benefits of this technology being applied to both stations and the linear asset, from a maintenance and asset management perspective. Everyone was keen to see this project extended to include Rapid Response (and support for field technicians by those in maintenance depots and NICC), training, competence and familiarisation, defect rectification and reference to technical documentation during planned maintenance. Additionally, we see benefit in simulating complicated possessions and isolations, particularly using on-track machines, to improve safety of workers while on the track."

Simon Morley
Head of Infrastructure Maintenance | HS2 Ltd

"I was amazed upon first experiencing the tunnelling environment that Pauley has created. In front of me was a real life hologram, fixed in space and that could be inspected from any angle. The real ‘wow’ moment came when I leaned over the image to find a digger and workers not visible until I peer down the pit shaft, which reached toward my feet. Immersive technologies are set to become huge disruptors in training. For augmented technologies the killer app is the ability for collaboration in real space, with shared visualisations that provide learning experiences people can walk around, view and interact with together. People learn best from shared, peer to peer experiences.

Nathaniel Cooke
Assistant Fund Manager, CITB

"The use of innovative and exciting technology is key to NCATI’s vision and approach and PAULEY have been able to bring great ideas and application to the table for collaborative and interactive learning. Not scared to think out of the box, PAULEY have also been incredibly flexible working with us in a highly pragmatic way as a brand new start up. Very much a ‘get on and do it’ organisation."

Clair Mowbray
Chief Executive, National College for Advanced Transport & Infrastructure

"One of the greatest challenges faced by health and safety practitioners is how to facilitate learning which properly equips workers to operate safely in complex high risk environments. The Mission Room platform offers a fantastic opportunity to ‘place’ workers into virtual environments which allow real life experiences without putting them at risk, and the interactivity recently built in by Pauley has taken this to a whole new level. We can now offer workers a truly immersive 360 experience which allows them to develop their competence to undertake complex tasks in high risk environments without ever putting them at risk. This is a huge step forward for health and safety learning.

Louise Ward
HSEQ Director, Siemens Mobility Limited

"We are really pleased to be working with PAULEY—they have demonstrated intuition and innovation in developing and delivering an interactive and immersive training experience, which adds greatly to how NTAR will bring alive its training. PAULEY’s technology is about transforming training into a solution that is far superior to what can be achieved in the classroom – a unique learning experience. When people tried the new material and Oculus Rift for the first time, it was a jaw-dropping experience."

Simon Rennie
General Manager, NTAR

Head of Digital, Siemens